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Just For Me Ė Making Time For Yourself In A Busy Life

by Summer Rae (follow)
Parenting (50)     

Just writing for myself,
enjoying what I see.
Iím making my garden space,
fit for a fairy.
Candles, pot plants, lantern and incense,
new budgie Coolo and my two lovely puppy dogs.

Keen to relax today,
garden, draw and take my time.
Iíve been very busy and overwhelmed,
in the past few weeks Iíve lost a little shine.

Writing to chase money,
my focus shifted from fun and freedom.
Losing the sweetness of honey,
it became a race against the months end,
in a hurry to post and send.

Candles are burning bright and high,
I need more.
They relax me, make me forget about my phone, internet and other worries.
A small breeze keeps them firing fast and burning quick,
theyíre nearly out of wick.
I think itís a symbol of what Iíve been doing,
burning so fast and quick.
My beauty disappears
and is over before you can say Ďstick.í

Iíve been anxious, worried, sick and tired.
but firing fast,
running circles around a mast.
The ship has been rocking,
from side to side.
The seas thick, full, with major high tides.

The rain has been falling at a nonstop constant pace,
Iíve missed the sun
and the warmth it gives my face.

So tight with money,
things have to change.
My lifeís cycle has been running full circles and itís time to grow,
be responsible, accountable and in control.

It may seem exciting, yet daunting at first,
but my partner and I will see,
it will be for the better, not the worst.

My candles are out.
The wicks have disappeared.
No more in the house, just chunks of pretty wax all smeared.
Tomorrow, I will buy some more,
as theyíre good for me.
Calms me, soothes me, makes me smoke less and see some beauty.

When times are tough, I turn to oracle cards,
books, symbols, prayers and art.
Today is a day for me,
to relax, be quiet.
Do whatever it is I need for my mind and body.

I have been on thrashing seas,
the boat almost capsized.
My wicks burning from both ends.
Iíve been forgetting to look into peopleís eyes.

This poem is just for me,
as a mother with Bipolar and boys, three.
I have been so busy trying to lift their spirits,
keep them healthy and happy.
I have forgotten to slow down,
and place upon my head my crown,
as I am a warrior, a woman of strength.
I must remember whoís running this boat,
the Captain of this Ship.

So garden I will, however I like.
Sit back, read and relax.
Not worry about chores
and phone calls.
Because today they can wait while I gather my walls.
Build my fort up and make it strong.
Remember no one can break me, I am not wrong.

I am my own person,
Iím not joined at the hip.
I have a personality
and an up turned lip.
Iím positive,
and brave.
I have been through so much,
and learned a lot along the way,
so thereís no need to push me into a cave.

Let me shine bright
and show my rainbow colours.
My purple, aqua, yellow and a few others.
As I am a Woodland and Ocean Fairy.
I must remember my roots,
find secret lush places.
Water, bush, flowers
and create Fairy spaces.

I must sit back and breathe,
as our special blue and white dove came to us.
He brings peace and hope,
excitement and trust.
He is special and will bring out the best,
as weíve been through high seas.
We are blessed that he was sent to us.

Thank you baby boys, mum, dad, sisters, friends and my partner,
for being beautiful, strong and committed.
Your kind words and your actions show me the way.
as sometimes this fairy,
gets stuck in a sway.
I love you all so much,
and know our future is looking magical and smooth,
as I feel I am now just
finding my groove.

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Love your drawing and poem!
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