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What To Pack For Your Intervention Free Labour

by Summer Rae (follow)
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Why do you want to try to have a drug free and intervention free labour?

Because in my opinion, it means your baby will not be affected by medicines through your blood supply. You have come this far and avoided sushi, feta, salami, soft cheese and maybe even Panadol, so why change your mindset of what is best for the baby and less likely to possibly affect him negatively?

Some babies can be born very sleepy due to medications, which can affect your first hold and breastfeed. The baby may not have the energy to latch on and suck, which are important first experiences for you and your baby after such a life changing ordeal he has just experienced. After running a half marathon, you will want a big pasta dinner to replenish your mind and body won't you?

You will want to look into your babies eyes and talk and get to know each other and bond. You will want to interact and feel connected, as not everyone falls in love with their baby at first sight.

It can be a shock of an experience, birth and becoming a mum. You have lost your deep internal connection with your baby as he was just yours inside of you, breathing through you and feeding through you, but now he is out in the real world being held by midwives 2 metres from your heart. Being held by daddy (this is very special and beautiful to see their connection and bond grow).

Seeing your baby be passed around and not connected to you can be sad because you have to give up some of your motherly control. It is like someone is holding your heart in their hands and you don't want them to go too far from you. You don't want them to drop your heart or squeeze too tight, as you are now not just a person, you are a mother, a very important person to a small innocent beautiful squishy needy baby.

This baby is going to need and want you more than you can even comprehend at the beginning. Nothing can prepare you for how much you must give yourself to your baby for his survival and care and love. Nothing but experiencing being a mother yourself. It can be a shock, it can be overwhelming, but it is beautiful, amazing, just pure joy and love.

You will be exhausted beyond imaginable, you will cry with lack of energy, you will lay on your bed with dim lightening looking into your babies sweet eyes and all of a sudden wham - power spew all over the sheets, you and your clothes.

You will see a pile of washing so big you begin to realise you may be able to climb Mount Everest after the experience of trying to reach the top of your clothes day after day. Why? You may wonder?

Because babies spew, a lot.
Babies poo a lot.

And these spews and poos are unrelenting, they do not discriminate. They will touch anyone or anything close to them and will seep into places and fabrics you never thought you would go.

You will need back up sheets and bassinet covers, you will need back up for the back up bassinet covers. You may even resort to using pegs and a baby wrap to protect the cain in your mosses basket from the inevitable power spews. That stuff is hard to clean!

You will be so tired and shaken after birth that you will want your partner to bath your baby because you wont trust your tired, shakey arms and your fragile head.

Baby will cry and cry and cry when you need to shampoo and condition your hair and your partner will be so concerned you will have to finish your hair later after a 45-60 minute breastfeed, burp and nappy change.

You may just forget the conditioning as you may be too hungry to care.

You may eat like a cave woman with your hands when no one is watching because creating so much milk makes you sweat and fell like each session has been a 30 minute jog to ur supply stores.

You may even eat this way in front of your partner, there are new levels and barriers that a broken and created as you are new parents and you fight through the waters of figuring out how to keep your amazing beautiful special being happy, fed, clothed, bathed, warm and loved.

Don't get me wrong, some medication and pain relief is needed. What ever you feel you need you should have. I just researched and found the path and plan for labour I wanted to try to achieve.

Sometimes, no matter how much you want something, you can't have it. Some women push for hours and hours and their baby just won't curve out of their pelvis properly. Some women have breech or back to back babies, which creates more pain and intense contractions than other births.

Sometimes the baby is stressed, the mother is stressed and intervention is best to save both of them any harm.

I get that.
I understand that.
I support that.

Do what you need to do and do it without guilt or disappointment as it can happen to anyone, people trip over all the time even after walking for so many years, a root can just pop up out of nowhere, you just pick yourself up and keep on walking. Your baby will have a cuddle, it will have food, it will be safe. Maybe just not in the anticipated way you had first imagined but it will all still be special.

Here is a list of things to pack for your hospital bag if you would like to try for a calm, hypnobirth, drug free, as natural as possible experience:

- A beautiful picture or two (ocean and waves and a rainforest for visualization and relaxing)
- Electric candles (dim light is the best)
- Tennis balls (for massaging)
- Baby oil
- iPhone and charger
- iTunes or Yoga labour iTunes album
- Empowering birth goddess audio cards link
- Data for your phone and music if needed
- Flowers
- Sarongs
- Notepad with empowering audio cards written down for partner to whisper into your ear
- Hair dryer
- Comfy tops
- Swimmer tops and bottoms
- Light nighty
- Light dressing gown/robe
- Moisturiser
- Makeup
- Some pretty nice comfy clothes
- Breast pads
- Pads - lots of them
- Shower supplies - soap,shampoo and conditioner, toothbrush supplies
- Nipple cream
- Soothing cold breastpads
- Paw paw cream
- Nappies
- Baby wraps
- Baby clothes
- Enough clothes for a week in case of Caesarian or sickness
- Small baby toy
- Camera
- Phone numbers to call
- Snacks - Lebanese bread, musli bars, chocolate, cheese slices, yoghurts, apples, bananas
- 2L pulp orange juice
- Water
- Teas
- Favourite pillow
- Eye cover

- Pram
- Baby seat
- Nappy bag
- Scented nappy bags
- Wipes
- Don't worry about a bottle or formula yet. If u need it, the hospital will help.

Okay, so it's a massive list! And depending on whether you stay in hospital for long or not you may not use it all. But I prefer to be prepared and well equipped for anything that comes my way :)

Good luck with your birth and being a new mum! Enjoy all the small things! How exciting!

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