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Tips For The First Trimester When You Have A Toddler

by BecSorby (follow)
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So you’ve decided to have a second baby. You’ve peed on a stick and those two little lines have come up pink. Congratulations! Now what? Now, you brace yourself for some of the toughest weeks of your life. Pregnant life when you have a toddler is HARD WORK. Here are some tips for getting through the first trimester when you have a toddler.

Sleep when your toddler sleeps
Ugh, this old cliche! However, there is something all-consuming about pregnancy fatigue, and having a busy toddler seems to make it so much harder. Even if you’re not a big nap-taker, you will absolutely hang out for nap time. It will become your favourite time of the day – don’t bother trying to fight it. Just nap.

Sleep when your toddler sleeps.

Ditch good habits if you have to
From healthy eating to exercising, you may find yourself putting good habits on the backburner – and that’s ok. At this early stage its important to find foods you can just keep down. Once you reach the second trimester and the nausea and fatigue settle down, you can start introducing those good habits again. Just try and keep your body hydrated – try sipping ice cold water or ice cubes or taking hydralite tablets.

Don’t feel guilty about your toddlers habits either
Been feeding your toddler the same breakfast every day? Letting them watch a bit too much TV? For the eight or so weeks when the nausea and fatigue are at their peak, don’t worry about bad habits and don’t feel guilty. The first trimester is about making it through.

Toddler eating chocolate? Meh....

Realise that everything takes a backseat to your toddler
Forget the housework when you can – just look after you and your first born above all else. At the end of the day, as hard as the first trimester is, you still have a little person demanding your attention. You will find yourself pouring what little energy you have each day into meeting their needs.

Don't forget about hygiene
When all you can think about is how sick you feel, it can be easy to forget to wash hands after changing nappies or leaving rubbish in the kitchen for a bit too long. Picking up a nasty stomach bug, however, can make pregnancy so much harder. Invest in some hand sanitiser for the change area, put nappies straight into a bag and into the outside bin and clean down surfaces with Dettol to kill germs.

Prepare before the nausea sets in if you can
If you have a couple of weeks between finding out you’re pregnant and the nausea kicking in, perhaps try and prepare a couple of toddler-friendly meals you can whip up and freeze for those day you simply don’t feel like eating. These include pasta dishes, tuna mornay, soups and casseroles.

Keep up with hygiene.

Ask for help when you can
The first trimester is hard. Your body is not just growing a brand new human, but also GROWING A WHOLE NEW ORGAN. Until the placenta is fully formed, you will be tired, so ask for help. You can’t call in sick to this job and at some stage you will need a break from your toddler, so finding help becomes imperative – if you don’t have family and friends close, consider an occasional day care centre you can drop your toddler off at for a few hours if you do need a break.

Take everything one HOUR at a time
Be prepared to literally take things one day at a time – even one HOUR at a time. You may make plans and have to change them because of excessive morning sickness or fatigue. Just try not to take too much on and don’t feel bad about changing plans – people will understand.

Males some meals and freeze them if you can.

Just remember that you will get through this. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a short period of your life and it may feel like hell for a few weeks, but don’t feel guilty for letting good habits lapse, asking for help or for simply trying to get through the first trimester by doing the best you can.

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