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The Day Robbie Came To Stay

by Gem (follow)
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We added a new member to our family at Christmas time.

Well, sort of.

Okay, well it isn't a real person or anything.

It's a robot. A robot vacuum cleaner.

I know I am a bit late to the party. I know robot vacuum cleaners are not new.

But mine, he's not just a robot vacuum cleaner. That's right, you read correctly, my robot vacuum cleaner is not an it... it is a he. Robbie is his name. Robbie the Robot. (I gave a little more thought to my real child when naming him!)

New Arrival

I was surprised at just how excited Robbie would make me and yet remind me of having a new baby in the house.

Here are three ways why Robbie is like having a new baby in the house. Except, obviously this baby cleans my house, not messes it up!

I Get Nothing Done

Remember when you bring a new born home and you just stare at them all the time? You get nothing else done. Some of this is simply from sleep deprivation, but mainly because you are in absolute awe of this little being in front of you.

Well, I will be the first to say Robbie hasn't quite given me the same awe, but there is a sense of amazement he brought into my home.

My husband bought Robbie to make my life easier. He does, he really does. That is why he excites me. But I have been so amazed by him that I follow him around and watch him do his thing! I mean, he's so cute and he's so helpful. He travels around my house and vacuums my floors! He even has a little victory tune he sings when he has finished! I mean, I could go and do something else. I could put some washing on, do the dishes, make my bed. I could even sit down and put my feet up and watch some Netflix....but look at Robbie! Look at him go! So far he isn't saving me any time. I just watch him.

Sibling Rivalry

We only have one child so we have not had to deal with sibling rivalry. Until Robbie entered our family.

It was safe to say, our son was.not.im.pressed!

"So, Mum, is Robbie going to stay forever?"

"Yes, yippeeeeeee!!!!!" dancing around like a crazy lady.

A few minutes later, "Mum, I don't think Robbie likes it here."

"Don't be silly! Look at him! He has a hungry belly and is eating all of the Christmas crumbs!"

It is safe to say I had not caught on to my son's hesitation to the newest member of our household.

"No, he told me Mum! He said he doesn't want to live here forever and ever and EVER! If he stays I am not going to talk to you FOREVER!"

It was at this outburst that I realised there might be a slight issue at hand.

I sat my son down and chatted to him about his feelings. (I know, I know, it's just a robot...sort of)

I explained Robbie was a gift and he would be staying and he would be a very big help to me which would mean I could spend more time with him playing games (when I'm not following Robbie around in amazement!).

My son still was not quite as excited as me.

I Had Do Baby Proof The House

In all of my excitement, I simply turned Robbie on so I could see what he would do. I never really gave any thought to it. It was the day after having just over 20 people over for Christmas lunch and I a gazillion crumbs on my floor.

Robbie, sweet sweet Robbie had a mind of his own and headed straight for my son's room where his Christmas toys were spread out over the floor. We all made the mad dash to the room to try and pick up the small pieces of Operation and the balls from Hungry Hippo. No wonder there was sibling rivalry...

I have since learned to pick up all small objects before Robbie comes out to play so that he doesn't eat them.

Years ago I would have been bitterly disappointed if I had been gifted a vacuum cleaner. My, how things change.

Do you have a household appliance that you love dearly? I would love to hear from you!

For now though, I am off to the shops as I need a new iron. I wonder what her name will be?

Just in case you think I am the only one to name their robot vacuum cleaner...my sister's is called Zac the Vac. Maybe weird just runs in our genes?

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