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Should We Allow Plastic Surgery for Kids

by bob.g (follow)
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Parenting is difficult enough without worrying about things like plastic surgery and fitting in. Your child is the most beautiful child in the world in your eyes, but that’s not how many tweens and teens feel about their own reflection.

It’s true that social media and television wreak havoc on a child’s self-esteem. You’ve got Instagram models using filter after filter to ensure a flawless face, which causes unrealistic expectations for young girls. You’ve got magazines photoshopping women and girls on every cover and feature, and real girls don’t get to see superstar’s flaws. You’ve got girls like the Kardashians having their butts implanted, their lips injected, and their faces worked on before they even reach legal age. When is enough actually enough?

When is it acceptable to allow your child to undergo plastic surgery? If your daughter is unhappy with her nose, do you let her change it at 15? Do you let her get lip injections to create the perfect pout when she’s only 16? When do you begin, or do you? Do you make her wait until she’s old enough to live on her own, pay for it herself, and make her own decisions? Or do you allow her to do it now so she can grow up with a bit more confidence?

The simple answer, in my opinion, is no. You don’t allow your children to undergo elective surgery just to change their looks because they’re unhappy with their face. You simply don’t do it. There are too many risks to it, and all it teaches your children is they aren’t good enough as they are. Is that really the message you want to send to your children with their still-impressionable minds?

The Risks of Plastic Surgery in Children

There are risks associated with any surgical procedure performed on children. Aside from the usual risks and complications that might develop from an elective surgery, there are other issues at hand. Children and teens live in bodies that haven’t fully developed. Your 16-year-old daughter might not be happy with her breasts, but that doesn’t mean they won’t still develop as she gets older. Allowing her to go under the knife at this age is dangerous to a girl who hasn’t fully developed.

Kids who undergo plastic surgery often don’t get to live out their lives like children should. The recovery time for many forms of plastic surgery is lengthy, which means your kids forgo their favorite sports. Not only are they being taught their looks aren’t good enough, they’re also missing out on things that are typical of teenagers such as playing sports, participating in fun activities, and even just spending a day on the jet skis or tubes on the lake during summer vacation. Even rhinoplasty, which is one of the most prominent forms of plastic surgery according to some professionals, can cause your children to miss out on weeks of their lives.

These things all come with psychological factors your kids aren’t old enough to handle. They simply haven’t developed the psychological capacity to handle these feelings, these thoughts, and the repercussions of elective surgeries just yet. It’s why many doctors won’t perform plastic surgery on anyone net yet 18.

Allowing your kids to undergo plastic surgery is a poor decision, but there are always exceptions to the rule. A child born with a birth defect might want plastic surgery to correct it and look “normal” again. A child involved in an accident or sports injury that results in a broken nose or other issue that changes their overall look might consider plastic surgery for corrective purposes. There are always health issues and medical issues to take into account when making this decision. According to this article, there are a myriad of reasons your child might need reconstructive surgery rather than plastic surgery.

Your kids shouldn’t go under the knife because they want to look different for no particular reason. Do you want to be responsible for changing your child's entire life? The answer depends on how you're changing it. Allowing her to undergo plastic surgery for fun changes her way of thinking so she no longer feels good about herself the way she is. Allowing her to undergo plastic surgery to correct an injury or health issue changes her way of thinking so she's more confident, and so she learns that miracles do occur.

What do you think - should kids be allowed to have plastic surgery?

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