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My Mum Is Amazing

by Summer Rae (follow)
Parenting (50)     
My mother and I

My mum, my mother, she is amazing! She use to say “bloody shit!” when she was really angry when we were little. She would tell us her hand was “getting itchy” if we were being naughty. If it got really itchy, we’d get a smack. A wooden spoon was one of my mum’s friends (not like a belt or a cane back in Dad’s day). Ouch!

One day I was being naughty and cheeky, but I had grown and knew I was fast and cunning! I knew her hand was very itchy! I ran into the kitchen and grabbed up all of the wooden spoons as fast as I could and bolted out the back door and down the ramp. Mum was chasing me in circles, round and round in the backyard! Netball and running for cross country and athletics had paid off! My two sisters were giggling, but mum was fuming! Steam out of the ears! I won that round, I think?!

Of course, off to my room to 'think about what I had done and come out when I was ready to say sorry!'

Sometimes, I would be having so much fun drawing, dressing up, dancing and being stubborn that I would forget how long I had been hiding away!

Sometimes I would sneak into my eldest sister’s room when mum wasn’t watching and watch her draw and shade and paint amazing fairies. I wanted to be able to do that! I wanted to be an amazing artist like her! I loved fairies too! Good and bad ones! And squashed ones!

My eldest sister was 4 years older than me and was part of a cool small town group of girls. They were all really lovely and smiley and would walk in the middle of the streets chatting away and laughing. My sister was wearing big baggy red tracksuit pants one time.

Mum use to try to get her to dress up when we were going to the big town far away from us. It was a special occasion, almost an hours drive. Movies, shopping, lunch – it was great!

My mum, she is just amazing!

She is warm and beautiful and sweet. She picks flowers for your room when you visit. She sits in your room for a little while, sad, when you move out of home.

Seeing her after being apart for a while, you smile so hard and big your heart and jaw hurt! Your throat chokes up and you hold back tears.

Because, she is amazing!

Cooking with her grandson, my first born. They have so much fun together.

Mum listens, she advises, she hugs ALL the time! She will massage you if you are tense. She cooks amazing meals and desserts, always puts out a great spread for catch ups, barbeques and dinner parties. She wears an apron.

She can sew, she will design and sew your debutant dress with you, your formal dress, even your wedding dress! Although I’m still waiting for the right time for that project.

Oooohh, dum dum dum
Her eyes make the stars look like they’re not shining.
Her hair falls perfectly without her trying.

She’s so beautiful.
I should tell her every day.

I hope she would believe me,
And see what I see.

Every time she’d ask "do I look okay?"
I’d say %%"Mum! When I see your face, your clothes, your style, your shoes, your jewels,
There’s nothing I would change!
Because you are amazing just the way you are!

When you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while!
Cos Mumma you’re amazing,
Just the way you are!"%%

She’s so beautiful,
I should tell her every day.

You know I’d never ask you to change,
If perfect is what you’re searching for just stay the same!

So don’t bother asking if you look okay,
Because you know I’ll say
"Mum, you look amazing!"

- Adapted from Bruno Mars, Just the Way You Are.

She loves to wear turquoise eyeliner, use to rock the blue mascara. Only wears a little make up because her beauty shines bright through.

I have been very sick and unwell three times or more in my life so far and mum has been there for me so much. No matter my age. She has been my rock.

Don’t get me wrong, my Dad is awesome too and I will tell his story another day, but today I wanted Mum to know just how grateful I am for everything she has done for me, my family, my sisters and my dad.

Mum is sensitive, she is funny, she is quirky, caring, strong and daring. She can be shy, but also very warm, open and inviting.

Being a mother of two toddlers now, I see my mother shine so bright. Granny is just so fun with so much enthusiasm, love, creativity and care. I always want her here.

Mum can get anxious and stressed, she can get worried and have trouble sleeping. Maybe it’s the worry for her three daughters, her husband or her students.

Mum is a beach babe, a mermaid, a sand angel. She would go to the beach every day if she could. But she also loves a clean house and even though she’s easy going and relaxed, she has a schedule or strict rules she’ll stick to. Cleaning day is Friday. Walking in the morning. Dishes done after dinner. Horse, dogs, cat, guinea pigs, chooks, rabbits, sheep fed.

Bed made. Bedrooms cleaned by teenagers at the end of each week – although I think this did fall through with my eldest sister. Dad use to ask people if they’d had their immunisation shots before showing her room on the ‘we built this house tour’!

My mum, she’s amazing.

I could go on and on, but I must stop and just say – thank you mum. Thank you for being the best mum you can be and for constantly going out of your way for us. You are amazing and so is Dad. You are the best team and I love you so much. Shout out for awesome Dad’s too!

BIG BIG HUGS, your cheeky youngest daughter 30 years old 🙂

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