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How To Beat Baby Colds

by Ashlynne (follow)
Ashlynne Sharma
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There is nothing worse than having a poorly bubba! My little one is 32 weeks and over this period of time we have had to fight a fair few bugs.

We take every precaution to make sure she doesn't get sick, but sometimes there just isn't any helping it unless you wrap them up in cotton wool and never expose them to the outside world.

We recently caught a cold off a loved one that flew from overseas to visit us and here are 6 tips that helped us get over it as quickly as possible:

1. If bub is congested, the best way to clear their air way in order to breathe better is to spray saline drops up their nose and then remove mucus with an aspirator (snot sucker). I'm not going to lie to you - this is awful! Our bub cries whenever we do this, but 9/10 times we remove snot which means better breathing for bubba!

Evil snot sucker

Also, I'm always ready incase bub does a sneeze. I'm quick to notice if any boogers have crept their way down so i can grab them as fast as possible. This is always a much better experience when their little bodies push the unwanted mucus out naturally rather than having to suck it out with the horrible snot sucker. I never thought I'd be so happy to pull out anyone's boogers!

One of my tips is to do this before a feed not after, if you can. Sometimes the nose spray can push the mucus down their throat which can cause them to gag and possibly vomit.

2. Rub baby balsam on their feet at night and then put socks on. Some mums swear by this, but it's not an instant fix. I find doing this a few nights in a row combined with everything else eventually does the trick.

You can also try the "Love Heart" massage on your baby's chest.

Warm your hands and rub a small dab of Vicks Baby Balsam on your fingertips, then place both hands on your baby's chest. With fingers flat, stroke up the sternum, around the top of the chest, out to the shoulders, down to the base of the ribs and back to the bottom of your baby's sternum, making a heart shape (repeat this several times as long as your baby is enjoying it).

3. We purchased a Eukybear baby humidifier and it's helped a lot. We brought one for $50 from Chemist Warehouse and I felt like it made a huge difference on the very first night. We've been using it ever since.

Here's an article about why your humidifier and heater go hand in hand especially in winter.

4. Make sure to take good care of yourself! I started taking an immunity supplement and some chewable vitamin C that I found helped me to get over our cold quickly paired with a healthy diet. If you're breastfeeding then bub will be getting those awesome extra vitamins too.

5. It's important to make sure bub is dressed appropriately for the temperature. A lot of the time, cold symptoms can increase at night simply due to the drop in temperature. So make sure bub is all wrapped up if necessary.

My LO all rugged up in her Pumpkin Patch snowsuit last winter

6. Last but not least, be sure to remember there is a great service for at home doctors visits that bulk bill! We have used them quite a few times now and think they are great. Here is the link to their website:

National home doctor's service

Good luck mamas!


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