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Benefits of a Rocking Chair for Children

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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A rocking chair can provide many health benefits for a person of any age including pregnant women, babies and children.

Small rocking chairs are available for young children to use once they are able to rock themselves and older children and teenagers are capable of using an adult size rocking chair.

A rocking chair is an attractive piece of furniture which can be used inside or on an outside veranda or other covered area.

Rocking chair
Image adapted from Pixabay

During pregnancy
Pregnant women benefit from spending time using a rocking chair each day. The rocking motion is relaxing and some experts claim it helps prevent varicose veins. Rocking is said to help the development of the nervous system of the unborn baby and provide social and emotional benefits.

A restless baby often settles when rocked. A parent may walk around and rock the baby or sit in a rocking chair and rock back and forth. The blood pressure of the adult usually drops during rocking and if the parent is less stressed this will help baby.

Rocking baby as you sit in a rocking chair helps with bonding and can help reduce the pain of colic. It also contributes to the development of the inner ear's balance mechanism.

Toddlers who are too young to make the chair rock will enjoy sitting on an adult's lap and rocking can provide comfort at any time especially when the toddler is tired or sick. A toddler will enjoy being sung or read to while they are rocked.

School aged children
Rocking has been found to assist with thinking logically, processing information and memorising facts such as times tables. Retreating to a rocking chair helps a stressed or upset child calm down and relax. Swinging back and forth on a swing has similar benefits.

Rocking chair
A rocking chair can be used outside on a verandah. Image by Marie Vonow

Children with ADHD
Children with ADHD are often restless and constantly on the go. Rocking can provide a way for them to have motion and helps focus their attention while reading, studying or listening to someone talk.

Rocking chairs are used in some schools for children who benefit from constant motion. It has been found a rocking chair is less disruptive to other students than having a student walking around the classroom or tipping back and forth on a standard chair which then overbalances causing the child to fall off.

Some studies have found students with special needs who regularly use a rocking chair when doing their school work are able to get better marks and complete more assignments than when using a standard style chair.

Children with autism
The repetitive motion of rocking is soothing and can be especially beneficial for children with autism, Fragile X and Tourettes Syndrome. Children who have any condition which causes them to rock their bodies back and forth will find a rocking chair comforting.

Rocking chair
Second hand rocking chair for sale out the front of a used furniture store Image by Marie Vonow

Rocking chairs are available in different sizes and styles. The most common type is one made of wood but there are also attractive ones with a bentwood frame and wicker seat and back. Some are padded and upholstered or you can add a thick cushion for added comfort. Sometimes one can be found in a second hand store or on a site such as Gumtree.

Check all joints are fixed firmly and that there is no splintered wood before using a pre-loved item. A rocking chair may become everyone's favourite place to sit.

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