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A Letter To My Daughter - You Are Unique

by Summer Rae (follow)
Parenting (50)     

To My Darling Daughter On Your 30th Birthday,

Sweetie, I know you have been through so much. You have really lived. You have thrown yourself into life full heartedly and you have been crushed and you have been broken, but you have experienced so much joy, amazement and beauty.

You see the good in every person and in every situation. You are truly a special unique person. I know you were put on this earth for more than one purpose. Not just to live, enjoy, suffer and learn but to share, to listen, to teach others and influence and help others.

You are full of colour and vibrancy. You are my special darling baby girl and I have been here for you the whole way.

Your morals and values have been strong and stubborn. But they have also been weakened and shaken.

You have tried and tested waters and life has shown you how things can turn.

You didn’t want to just take anyone’s word for it, you wanted to do what you wanted, live, love, lust, lose and find out for yourself where the paths take you.

I’m writing to you today to encourage you, to give you warmth and a hug, to guide you and reassure you that yes, you do have a story. And yes, you can tell it. You do not have to keep yourself hidden and cover secrets from your past.

Even though you are scared, it is from your PAST. It’s done and gone and now you can choose to use it and to help others.

I have been your biggest supporter from the very beginning. I knew and saw talent and beauty in you.

I know your words, wisdom and personality will be beneficial for another teen or early 20’s young woman or man. Even for others dealing with mental illness and stigma or with pregnancy and new babies. People struggling with career and money and drugs and the party lifestyle.

I know there are so many parts to your story that will touch a nerve with so many people and help them see a side to a situation they may not have seen before.

Your closest friend may not be as supportive as you would have hoped. Your father may be skeptical and concerned for your future and career and family. But that is just fear of the unknown and not having trust in you and your writing as I do.

Because, sweetie, I know you can do this. You can write, draw, paint, dance, act, film and direct your story just as you have dreamed.

People always say ‘reach for the moon,’ ‘reach for the stars,’ ‘follow your dreams and make them a reality’.

You have all the skills and knowledge to complete your first book now and I know so many people are going to want to read it. Because you are amazing and they want to know what it is like to be in the deep dark situations as well as the bright light situations.

Believe me when I say beautiful daughter – GO FOR IT!

You can change things along the way, you can add things, you can do whatever you wish with your creative project because you hold the reins.

You’re in control.

And haven’t you gone through so much just to learn those few words. ‘I’m in control’.

You now know your worth.
You now know your beauty.
You now know you’re unique.

And you are going to put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, paint to canvas, pencil to paper. And you are going to shine light into lives!

You’ve already made 4 people cry with your special articles that are sweet, honest, traumatic, joyful and beautiful.

Get out there and go for it beautiful daughter.
I’ve got your back.

Love Mum. xxxxxxxooooooo

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