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5 Reasons Why Internet Shopping Is Important To Me and My Family

by Ria (follow)
Ria Internet entrepreneur at au.shop.com/enyariba in Australia www.shop.com/enyariba in the USA global.shop.com/enyariba for the rest of the world
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Not everything in this article may apply to you, but I am certain that you as a mum or dad will relate to a lot of the things I am talking about.

Here are my 5 reasons on why my internet shopping business is important to me and my family:

1. Be there for my family

We all want more time to spend with family while still bringing money in to support our family. Often a successful job or business means good money, but no time to spend it with family. You can almost certainly relate to this if you have a job or your own business.

Having lots of time often means little money. People who are unemployed can certainly confirm this. Is there a way to get both at the same time? I found it when talking to an accountant professor. He showed me a type of franchise that allowed me to have my own online shopping business without having to invest a lot of money.


Being my own boss allows me to arrange my agenda around my kids’ life. I am able to attend all school events and extracurricular activities my kids are in. I pick them up from school if they get sick and stay with them all day. During holidays we explore the world together. Because the internet is almost everywhere, I can follow up on my business from my mobile phone while being with my kids wherever they are… it is that easy!

2. Convenience and benefits of shopping online

About 10 years ago, when we lived in the US, I would still go store to store to buy whatever we needed. Often it wasn’t a pleasant experience. During busy times finding a parking space was a nightmare. Kids would rather play at home or with friends than go to the mall. And more than once we got the disappointing news that our size or colour of an item wasn’t in stock anymore.

The worst examples of such were the big sales days like Black Friday. I remember one year, my husband was up at 4am in the morning to stand in line at Kmart to make sure we would get a Nintendo Wii for the best price. It was freezing cold. The people in line were still half asleep and not in the mood for pleasant conversations. The minutes felt like hours. Finally at 6 am doors opened, but only for the first hundred people. The security guard didn’t want to be stampeded… so strict rules applied; you only get in when somebody comes out. When my husband finally got in around 7am, the 6 Nintendo Wii’s that they had in store were already gone. Coming home at 9 am in the morning with nothing interesting to show us and after beating traffic, my brave husband officially announced his withdrawal forever from the madness that was Black Friday and Christmas shopping.

That was the year I started my internet shopping business. Now I can shop for millions of products, of which a few hundred are exclusive, from thousands of stores and make money with it. I was happily surprised that I find better deals than in store for almost everything without having to stand in line. Products online are seldom out of stock. Most stores offer free or low shipping costs which saves me time and money from having to take a car to go to a store.

As a customer, after creating a free account and without a membership fee, I get extra discounts and cashback. No need to look at every individual store for coupons and special deals. Comparison shopping is only a click away. Occasionally I still try a dress or shoes in a store, but I will buy it online because I get the extra deals and cashback. I can use my mobile phone to buy it there in the store in the right size and colour. And get the extra cashback that I wouldn’t get when I would buy it in store or from their site without going first via my site to that store. Nowadays most stores offer free returns, so there is no need to beat traffic.

3. Financial and tax advantages of having an online shopping business

As an online shopping business owner, I get paid cashback on my own purchases, ½ % cashback on purchases of my customers who I referred to my site, retail profit on all the exclusive brands and commissions on the exclusive brands and on the million of products from all our partner stores. In fact, I get paid to shop for the things I buy for our home and family. I convert my spending into earning. I have a shopping annuity. Moreover, I get paid for all the customers that shop from my site while my customers get the best deals and earn cashback. I make money while asleep because online stores are open 24/7. The internet never sleeps!


When you are a business owner, you know that you can deduct business expenses from your business income. Travel costs are one of these deductible expenses. My business is international. I visit my local and international customers and can deduct these travel costs from my business income. This is very interesting for entrepreneurs like me who have friends and family here and overseas.

4. Team spirit

Being your own boss can be very lonely. You have to do everything by yourself. But this is not the case with my online shopping business. It has the advantage of a franchise system but not the disadvantages. I get all the tools to start and grow my business for a very low cost. There is a training system in place. And we get help from a mentor. I am a mentor for other people who also start an online shopping business with us. I help their customers as much as I will help mine because it not only benefits my new business partners 100% but it also benefits me. Whatever I do for my business also benefits my team members. There is no competition between team members and members of other teams. Collaboration is the key to success and it leads to real friendships.

Our online shopping business is often added to traditional businesses because they get access to our exclusive products and can offer them to their clients. They also get the benefits of being part of our team, save money on supplies and increase their income and free time a lot. For example we have an exclusive makeup line called Motives cosmetics. These products are only for sale via our shopping sites. Professional MakeUp Artists (MUA) very much appreciate that these products are not for sale in retail stores. Other brands often say that they are exclusive but later they are for sale in their stores or in department stores or online without the MUA benefiting from any of these sales.

Our MUAs get their own shopping website with unique access to these products and a lifetime commitment of their clients to this MUA’s website because of the cashback and special deals offered to their clients. Not only MUAs find our exclusive products interesting, there are also products for people in the health and wellness industry, in baby care, in weight management, in skin care, in the cleaning industry and more. It gives me a good feeling when I can help other business owners.


5. Growth in the future

Online shopping is becoming bigger and bigger. Brick and Mortar is more and more replaced by Click and Order. On 14 Dec 2012 the Huffington post wrote “Online Shopping Beats Physical Stores For The First Time “. On 11 Nov 2016 www.news.com.au stated that Aliexpress had the biggest online sale event ever with their Single Day and hundreds of online Australian firms benefited from this event. I am really celebrating when events like this happen. Why? Well, Aliexpress for example is one of our partner stores. They give my customers a 4% cashback when they go via my site to Aliexpress. The customer doesn’t get this extra cashback when they go straight to the Aliexpress website. You can verify what I am saying by going to au.shop.com/enyariba. Click on the Stores tab and you will find out how much cashback each store gives.

Why do Aliexpress and all these other stores pay me commissions? Well I made publicity for their site via my mouth to mouth advertising. This means that Aliexpress only needs to pay my customer and myself when a customer really buys something. This is a 100% return on their investment…so much better than having to pay a TV add upfront without knowing that the viewer will buy. In fact most viewers don’t even watch the commercials anymore…they zap to other channels, fast forward them or only watch Pay TV or simply watch online.

This new way of advertising is a triple win situation. A win for my customer because they get more and better deals and earn cashback on their own purchases and cashback on the purchases their friends do. A win for me as a business owner because of the cashback, referral cashback, retail profit and commission checks. Finally it is also a win for all our partner stores because they save a lot of money on their marketing budget!

Do you also want to benefit as a customer or by owning your own internet shopping business? Create a free account at au.shop.com/enyariba and start shopping. Email me at enyariba@gmail.com for more info about starting an online shopping business like mine.

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